Spaghetti Suprema


Cook pasta as normal. Angel hair, spaghetti, and ziti work well. Drain and place individual servings of pasta on dinner plates.

Heat sauce while pasta is cooking. If sauce is already prepared, 4-5 minutes in a microwave, covered, works well.

Slice sausage into thin slices. Italian sausage and Gerhard's chicken/apple/chardonnay sausage work very well.

Cook mushrooms in two tablespoons of sherry in a microwave for 60 seconds or until moist.

Add a layer of sauce covering 90% of the diameter of the pasta. Place sausage rounds on top of the sauce. Optionally, add cooked mushrooms as well. Add a thick layer of grated mozzarella cheese, covering the sauce and sausage.

Microwave each serving for about 2.5-3 minutes on high. Cheese should be fully melted.

Extra portions can be refrigerated and reheated or frozen and reheated easily.

Jeff Goldsmith,, October 10th, 2000