Jillian's Special


Clean chicken. Marinate in mixture of wine (mostly) and teriaki sauce. Add whatever you like to marinade. When you are happy with marinade, add more garlic and a handful of sugar and mix well. Marinate chicken overnight in refrigerator.

Grill chicken on medium high heat until done.

Sautee peppers and onion until no longer crunchy.

Cut chicken into strips.

Place tortilla on plate, add rice. Cover rice with Teriaki sauce. Add strips of chicken, then pepper and onion mixture. Roll tortilla. The amount of filling should cover the center quarter of the tortilla or so. Put in just enough so that the rolling can be accomplished.

All measures are approximate. Make extra fillings; all reheat well in the microwave.

Jeff Goldsmith, jeff@tintin.jpl.nasa.gov, Sept. 25, 1997